As we are shaped by our thoughts, we, at PURE DALLAS want this to be reflected in every consideration we make to our patients. This we do by using the latest systems, facility and services which reflects our eco-friendly approach. Our practice is designed and implemented with the latest environmentally friendly technology.



icon Motion activated water system to minimize water use.

icon Motion activated energy efficient lighting system, implementing procedures to power down lights, equipment and computers when they are not in use.

icon Individualized heat, ventilation, air conditioning and evacuation systems that save energy when idle.

icon Energy star rated appliances and computers etc.


icon Organic paint and natural floors.

icon Recycled building materials used for cabinets and countertops.

icon Recycled glass for all interior doors and windows.       


Dentistry materials and equipment typically contain heavy metals and biomedical waste that could be harmful to environment.

Our pure dental conceptual services include:

icon Metal free crowns and fillings for healthy and beautiful smile.

icon Metal free orthodontics.

The Lounge


icon  Ultra-modern waiting room - Our patient room seating provides a comfortable, elegant interior and it is designed with a modern, contemporary look.

icon  Mac computer bar.

icon  Free WiFi internet service - Digital technology is integrated with our daily routine.

icon  Outdoor Patio - Beautiful outdoor patio, enjoy nature while you wait for your appointment.

Patient Suites


icon  Private patient suites that are virtually sound proof and follow HIPPA privacy guidelines.

icon  Choice of movies or HDTV during treatment.

Eco Details



icon  Water sensor system.

icon  Energy efficient lighting system.

icon Energy efficient heating and air conditioning system.


icon  Recycled cabinets and countertops.

icon  Organic paint.

icon  Natural floors.


icon  Low radiation chemical free x-rays.

icon  Metal free orthodontics.

Mockingbird Station


icon  Completed in 2001.

icon  A community that embraces a simple idea - "that a city is made stronger when people live, work and play together".

icon Combines retail, residential and commercial spaces.

icon  Easy access to the Dart Rail.

icon  Convenient parking.

icon  Visited by thousands of people each year.